JADS Group Pty Ltd was incorporated in South Australia in January 1998. David Wong and his wife Grace Wong who have migrated to South Australia from Brunei in 1988 under the Business Migration Program have since been its directors.

David Wong worked as a civil servant for Malaysian Government in Sarawak and after leaving the civil service in 1981 he went into active business as a procurement agent supplying timber and building materials for a construction company in Bintulu while also working as agent for a shipping company and manager of a travel agency based in Kuching. With his accumulated profit made over a short period of time his business was subsequently extended to Brunei in 1982 when he joined force with a civil engineering firm from Sarawak and a prominent local identity working as an executive director of the joint-venture company undertaking water treatment works and housing projects for the Brunei Government as a building contractor. Grace worked as a school teacher in Malaysia until she resigned in 1988 when she migrated to Australia.

David Wong and his wife Grace Wong have profound knowledge and experience in real estate sales, property & strata management, housing development and land-subdivision in Adelaide..They are prominent community leaders and volunteers in a number of non-profit organisations.

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